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Pete Wagner

“This is a multi-talented man.” -Eleanor Mondale, WCCO-TV News

Happy Brains is the entertainment company of well-known Twin Cities personality Pete Wagner. Wagner, who is most familiar as a cartoonist for KMSP-TV, Channel 9, the FOX affiliate in Minneapolis, and for City Pages and the Minnesota Daily in years past, is also an accomplished hypnotist and astrologer. He was a regular featured act on stage at Scott Hansen’s Comedy Gallery in the early 1990s, and produced and performed his own shows at 33 colleges across the U.S. Author of two books, Buy This Book and Buy This Too, Pete is a thoughtful and creative entertainer with impressive credentials, including a Master of Fine Arts degree in multimedia design.
Caricatures: Entertainment at parties and other events by an elite corps of experienced artists who can capture a likeness in drawings that are funny but kind.
Hypnosis Presentations: Fun and funny but entirely respectful demonstrations that flatter your guests' intelligence, by a seasoned practitioner who has been performing hypnosis since 1973.
Astrological Personality Readings: Computer-generated natal charts based on the exact date of birth, specifically for that individual.
Silhouettes: Classic portraits in profile, either black on white or white on black, in a variety of memorable decorative graphic frames.
Comedy Chalktalks: Multimedia standup cartooning shows featuring quickdraw performances onstage--featuring subject matter tailored to your group or company.