Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment

Welcome to Pete Wagner's Blog. My Mantra:
"COMIC First, ART Second"

This blog is all about drawing performing caricaturing at events as an entertainer, and what it is like to be and work as a caricaturist, cartoonist and comic artist. I have drawn caricatures, cartoons and comics all my life, professionally for more than 45 years now, as a way of entertaining people, and as a way of using entertainment to inform, educate and persuade people, as well.

I have performed comedy on stage and worked as a caricature artist on TV as a featured regular on a morning news show in Minneapolis. I think of caricaturing as more closely related to COMEDY than to VISUAL ART. I think to be really good at it, a caricature artist has to draw in a way that is more like what a COMEDIAN does (except that for the caricature artist it is done mostly with a marker or stylus on paper or a digital drawing pad rather than into a microphone) than like what a VISUAL ARTIST or ILLUSTRATOR or PORTRAIT ARTIST does.

Caricature is basically a type of COMIC art. Comic as in “HA HA” funny comic. And COMIC FIRST, ART SECOND. The comedy is the main thing.

Portraiture, illustration and other forms of visual art are basically STRAIGHT art. Even when they are done with the intention of being humorous, the humor is secondary to the art.

I have done a lot of teaching and theorizing and philosophizing about these topics (I've gone so far as to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree and a PhD-abd) and have developed some rather carefully thought-out ideas and detailed opinions about how they work best for an audience and guests at events. For anyone who is interested in the subject, I hope this blog may provide some ideas and knowledge worth taking a look at.

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